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axle repair cost How much should it cost to replace How much should it cost to replace the left front drive axle? I may see if Greengeeker is available to make the repair I believe that i have a bad cv axle it makes a loud clicking noise when i turn the steering wheel. See what others are paying for this repair. The cost is only a fraction of the cost of installing a new Repair cost is way high. Answer Wiki. Drivetrain Repair: Driveshaft Axle Differential. When a rear axle seal goes bad, and the repair is complete. 44002E, Powerbuilt Deluxe Axle Nut Socket Kit Get useful information on to how to know if car axle is broken. To begin, you have to remove the 19-mm plastic lug-nut covers from the steel lug nuts and also just loosen the nuts slightly. View our range of axle, steering and suspension products from our repair and service category. Come with complete hardware for hassle-free installation. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Ram Front Axle Shaft, Seal, and U-Joint Repair. Differential Repair and Installation Kits from Sierra gear and Axle are assembled using only the highest quality components. A myriad of damages can result from a car wreck. the cylindrical roller bearing rides directly on the axle shaft. How much roughly it will cost me if I decide to have the axle Ring & Pinion Service is the Sacramento area's best and most experienced full service axle and differential repair shop. Any Mobile Axle Repair. Please call or email for more information. We replace damaged axle and spindles on trucks, trailers, motor homes, buses, garbage trucks and off road vehicles. Exterior paint chip repair may cost between $50 to $300 depending on the type and amount of paint needed. Find out what auto insurance coverage is vital to avoid large out-of-pocket expenses. Post A Peugeot 206 rear axle often causes problems, we offer repair sets or a replacement rear axle used & new with or without ABS, disc brakes or brake drums We offer full service differential repair for your daily so we offer it at no extra cost! Gear and Axle Parts | Spool and Lockers Parts. For more information please contact us today. When a rear axle seal goes bad, it's typically noticeable by gear oil leaking all over a rear wheel, and it may get into the brake drum and reduce rear brake feel. . 00 each. The cost of car axle repair can dramatically increase if you have to replace one or both axles. The axle has two How to Replace a Jeep Grand Cherokee Front Axle. Your vehicle’s axle, CV joint, and driveshaft components are integral to the performance and drivability of your vehicle. i am lucky in i have a rare axle assy. A car with a broken axle will exhibit one the average cost of repairing a broken axle is anywhere from $75 to $150 per axle Cost of a Broken Axle; Axle Repair; what should it cost to repair a rear axle seal? - what should it cost to repair a rear axle seal? Maintenance & Repair. Well the nightmare scenario I suppose. 00. How much does it to repair a broken axle from Ebay . About Search Results. Keeping You On The Road! is ¼ the cost of a new housing with less down time because we come to you. Get brake repair prices for problems with low fluid, worn pads and drums, and cylinders. 2010 Corolla LE - CV Boots and Axle Outer CV Seep Never drop off you car at any auto repair center without a written estimate in your hand for the cost of the repair. Parts are just part of what we do. The average cost to repair a rear main seal is anywhere from $659-$831, depending on where you live and the shop that does the work. Rear End Repair. 8 2002, 1992-2003 Toyota Camry Front Axle Bearing and Hub Assembly Repair Kit - Centric 403. Driveline & Axle Parts. Our portable onsite spindle & axle repair specialist cover Peterbuilt Mack White Freightliner MCI Bus International Ford and muchmore Best Answer: It'll cost less than $65. I said no way, how much for the one axle seal that's leaking and they Axle repair 24 hour service in the shop, your place of business or roadside service. T. Frequently Asked Questions about differential repair, ring and pinion service, axle repairs and upgrades. We offer US Customer Support & Fast & Free Shipping! ABC Transmission Service is located in Tacoma, WA. fees: $215. Hillmuth Auto Care can fix your axle/drive shaft if you are having issues, including shudders, clunking sounds, vibrations and other symptoms. Results page 2. We specialize in custom off road and drag racing vehicle service to the Phoenix, AZ area. 00 and delivery back to you costs the same again, therefore the total carriage cost per order is How much does it cost to repair rear axle shaft seals in a Jeep Grand Cherokee? I had mine done on my 1999 jeep grand Cherokee and had to have the bearings replaced New CV Drive Axles from CARDONE meet or exceed original equipment form, fit and for, fit and function. Machine work required. Carolina Axle Surgeons can generally be on your site within 24 hours and our technicians will quickly evaluate the failure and begin the axle repairs. Repair Help / Hub Overhaul and Adjustment: Hub Overhaul and Adjustment: If the axle end protrudes even a very small amount, Since installing new axle seals requires removal of the axles, a great time to inspect and replace axle seals is during axle service. We come to you! TrailerPart. The CV Boot(s) The CV Shaft(s) transfer power from the trans-axle to the front wheels on a front-wheel drive vehicle. If it's damaged, the shaft will have to be replaced. new axles will run almost $500. Argo Axle Repair Ok these are precision stainless steel sleeves which are installed over the grooves for a permanent repair. Your Differential Installation and Repair Kit is available now at West Coast Differentials. Check & repair CV axles at Firestone Complete Auto Care. but doing so will likely lead to further damage that will eventually require more extensive repair. If you want to replace the axle Shaft it normally costs about $150 to $220 dollars for the parts. Repair & Improve with our Cost to repair noisy differential/transaxle? - Answered by a verified Cadillac Mechanic Rear Axle Repair/Replacement The differential fluid is leaking from rear axle into brake drum. Am told the axle - Nissan 1999 Pathfinder question average cost of cv boot replacement? and other kia to leave that repair, the entire axle than the boot, though, so the cost honestly should not BlueDevil Products: Blog. Rear Axle Repair; Central Axle Services. How much does a rear differential cost to get replaced? Update Cancel. Subject: [RAM] Pulling Front Axle. Repairing boots or joints on a drive axle is usually not cost effective because a replacement axle can be Why Southeast Mobile Axle Repair? • Our axle replacement system saves you time and time is money • Our replacement system is a fraction of the cost of a complete axle exchange Enclosed Cargo, Utilities, Dump, Equipment Trailer Repair and Service. Check it all out here in Honda Tuning Magazine. It is manufactured by DORMAN and is the split boot style where you do not need to remove your axle shaft. CV Axle Repair and Replacement. Any They quoted me 980 for both sides, seals bearings brake pads shoes and rotors. Custom Axle housings, welding and fabrication available. Know several pointers indicating if car axle breaks. News. When there is a concern with the axle shaft, it will be removed and inspected. Discounted jeep rear axle shafts and performance improving products and free troubleshooting help. average repair cost for cv joint or axle replacement average repair cost on replacing cv joints or axle replacement - Chrysler 1996 LHS question We service all on road & off road heavy & light truck equipments drive & trailer axle spindles, From 1/2 ton and up. Call 218-727-2484 today. Description of Axle, CV Joint, Driveshaft Repair. i would really like to repair this, rather than replace both of them, due to the cost. They were kind, qui Axle Repair; Spokane, WA Axle Repair. Axle Repair. It pays to shop for the repair cost; both the parts and labor. com, the official website of Diesel Power Magazine. I was emotional, angry, and scared about the cost. Differential Repair Are you questioning the health of your axle? Stop by Last Chance Auto Repair for a free axle of the problem and the cost to repair, Our CV axle replacement kits provide you with all the parts you need for drive shaft repair. Imperial Home Page-> Repair -> Axle -> Carrier Assembly. When the differential shows signs of failing, it's important to repair it. Hardened sleeve to repair worn race where rear hub rides on housing. All types of Axle Repair; Spokane, WA Axle Repair. If it’s a pickup truck, really the labor isn’t too intensive. For the repair of burned out wheel bearings or bent spindles Plaza uses a process patented by the Axle repair at one fourth the cost of a new housing <t>Since I bought a used 97 Nissan Maxima,I took it to local auto repair center to check generally. July 24, 2017. Vehicles with four-wheel drive are usually more expensive to repair. CV axle replacement cost varies by year, make and model. Axle Surgeons™ of Northern California will come to your shop anywhere in the Northern California and Southern Oregon areas to repair your damaged axle, Axle repair cost, is this a rip off? General DSM Tech and Tuning Read about how to repair your Axles and CV Boots in the Wrenchin' section of this month's issue. Western Drivetrain is Yukon Gear and Axle master distributor. How Much Do RV Repairs Cost? How much it will cost to repair will depend on what you buy, how well you care for it and where you take it to be serviced. How to Replace a CV Axle. Subaru Gearbox stocks a vast array of Sub TRAILER BREAKTHROUGH T Convenience of repair in the event of which is much the same in the case of a conventional beam axle. Overdrive For a drive axle, Gouges that encircle the shoulder should be covered with a repair sleeve or a combination seal Axle Repair believes in its name if at all possible we will REPAIR before replacing your entire spindle. See more on Ebay. Find great deals on eBay for Rear Axle Bearing in Other. Inquire around local garages and see what they charge. And offering service for Trailer Fleets. an axle repair. Call or stop by for a free Diagnosis! Tire Service & Repair Oil, Inspection of CV Joint or Axle Add CV Joints and CV Axles to Quote labor cost for front axle seal Well, So I'm almost afraid to ask what it would cost me at the stealership, or like repair shop to have this done. Axle and Spindle offers these services at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Fast shipping. Get excellent product reviews, low prices, and free shipping on Ford Focus Axle Assembly. 11 Answers. " Axle and Spindle Repair, Inc. Disassembly. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases I want to save my customers both time and money no matter what axle or spindle repair they need. Get Yours Today! We know our parts and products. Trailer Parts Depot Stocks Variety Of Kodiak Disc Brake 10" Stainless (each)- 1-rcm-10-ss-k ,Kodiak Disc Brake Assemblies,Kodiak Trailer Components for Utility, Motorcycle And Snowmobile Trailers. Axle Surgeons of TN is the top mobile axle repair service for front axle repair, kingpin re-sleeve, kingpin repair, knuckle repair and steering axle repair. Review Glendale repair shops that specialize in CV Axle Repair The cost to repair auto body damage isn’t usually cheap. They are a local transmission shop that specializes in differential repair, differential upgrades and axle repair. The cost of Worn out Axle Shaft Assembly? Shop 1A Auto for quality Front & Rear Axles & Axle Assembly replacements. Visit Geno's Garage for Truck accessories. A highly cost-effective, innovative repair solution, The hub is splined to the axle shaft and has a flange with studs to which the Not as expensive as you might imagine. Get a free detailed estimate for a repair in your area. 365 day return policy. This component is typically mounted underneath and at the rear of a vehicle. Axles are extremely That’s why it’s so important to visit your local Car-X Man to make sure your axles are well maintained and inspected on a Denver axle and differential repair, install and parts. Central Axle Services (Midland) Ltd's is your one stop shop for reconditioned gearboxes, axles and differentials. Shop with confidence you may need this 3pcs Rear Axle Bearing Puller Set Extract Service Repair Differential Repair. 00 to purchase a complete half-shaft which includes two re-manufactured CV-joints and an axle all assembled as one part. Tweet; You decide to go deeper into the axle to check for problems, and you see it: the spring plates have begun to fatigue and fracture. Professional axle parts, axle repair and service shop in Colorado Springs, Front and rear axle repair, drivetrain repair, gear swap and more. CV Boot Repair Kits | Replace the Boot, Not the Whole Axle! CV boot kits are an efficient, cost-effective way to repair an axle with a damaged boot. Ford Axle Housing Repair Sleeve. Triple Axle Bearing Pack: Read about this 1997 Ford F350 axle repair as it gets new front axle seals on its leaky Dana 60 front axle, only on dieselpowermag. The parts prices are as follows; front or rear disc brake pads around $10. Does driver side axle Cost Estimate of 97 Honda Accord Driver Side Front Axle Bearing Repair. That does not include repairing, just part. Call: 503-254-3440 Portland Oregon The used parts are cheaper than Panda parts so the overall cost is much the same as using my old rusty Panda springs on a new (to me) Panda Axle repair. Contact us for a truck axle repair or maintenance service. okay so I've had a feeling something just wasn't right with the rear axle. took it to the shop to have a look see and sure enough there was fluid Having a car trouble? Are you dealing with loud clicking noises? Or experiencing excessive vibration? Are you in need of a CV axle replacement? If you are, you are probably wondering how much it costs to repair a CV shaft or have it replaced. Damaged CV Joint? Cost for Repair? I paid $800 about a year ago for an axle, wheel bearing repair kit, and I think something else that was minor (including labor). S. How much does CV Axle / Shaft Assembly Replacement cost? Get an It depends on the type of car you drive and the auto repair shop Axle shafts are commonly Your car’s axle shaft may be called the half shaft or CV axle, and it connects the wheels and the transmission. Most axle oil leaks are caused by dry or brakes be replaced at the same time as the repair of a leaking axle. Poll - fix trailer spindle or new axle Contact Us; How To Replace Wheel Seals. Learn about a broken car axle. Liberty Welding provides general welding and speciality machine shop services with heavy emphasis on the trucking industry. Same day service. The inner and outer bearings of the CV joint axle are packed with lubricating grease and covered Dodge Caravan CV Joint Drive Axle Repair Instructions. Fits Case & CaseIH Tractors with Std wheel Base (Short) aka Light Duty axle for these tractors: 1896 2090 2094 2096 2290 2294 2 used with each A167024 Spindle (4 total per Research indicates that 37 percent of vehicles sold in the United States have a sunroof. Know the true car repair cost by vehicle, job, and location. Find the parts you need lightning quick! Detroit Axle is a Metro Detroit based manufacturer and distributor of replacement automotive parts to dealerships, repair shops, and individuals for over 20 years. This CV boot repair kit is just what you need to replace that torn or dry rotted CV boot. Mobil axle repair & spindle repair with Axle Doctors. I was quoted close to \00 for a We just purchased a rear axle and the cost was $300. You are here: Home / Blog / CV Shaft, Axles, Boots & Joints | Symptoms Cost and can install a CV boot repair makes sense to replace the whole CV axle. Saves on repair costs; Toyota Maintenance: Replacing a Rear Axle Sea. Laboraverages about $80 to $100 an hour for about 4 hours. We service all on road & off road heavy & light truck equipments drive & trailer axle spindles, From 1/2 ton and up. Honda Lawn Mower Axle, Roller, Shaft, Wheel Parts - Shop online or call 800-269-2609. Product Description. Intergears are a well established specialist gearbox, axle, differential and clutch reconditioning company with 35 years experience and a reputation second to none. With Axle and Spindle Repair's innovative process and patented portable lathe most axles can be fixed on the job site or in your shop. Open 7 days a week. even How much does it cost to repair a broken axle. For many years, the much-ballyhooed invention of the wheel has overshadowed the most likely, near-simultaneous invention of an equally important modern innovation: the axle. First of all I would not pull the axle as I would attempt a repair in place. Find Glendale,AZ CV Axle Repair shops for your repair needs. Replacement outlasts repair. Does anyone know how much it costs to fix it? just ballparking it by a mechanic Axles Repair & Maintenance. Ive had my 80 for about 4 months now. com. Driveshaft balancing, gearing, clutches, transmissions, transfer cases, propeller shafts, u-joints. I am hoping someone can tell me the cost of replacing or repairing the rear differential for a 2000 Toyota 4 Runner. This is a fully Collection from you costs £40. Regular axle inspection is key to avoiding more costly repairs down the road . Disconnect u bolts, break lines, and drive shaft, swap in new axle. 00 for last repair, I hate to think what the Kia dealer will cost me. Carrier Assembly Repair Information For Imperials. As of 2014 in the United States, the average cost of repairing a broken axle is anywhere from $75 to $150 per axle and can increase to $150 to $300 per axle if the work is done by a professional mechanic. How much does it cost to repair/replace a rear axle in a car? A CV joint replacement cost will generally be the same or more as having the axle shaft replaced, CV joint repair, or full axle replacement, can help remove this. They cost around $35. Keep your CV axle replacement cost low with an axle kit from BuyAutoParts. How much does Axle Shaft Seal Replacement cost? Get an estimate instantly. Find Techny,IL Axle Repair shops for your repair needs. But the cost of a torsion axle Bicycles/Maintenance and Repair/Hubs/Cleaning and as the cost is minimal compared to the labor involved in The step on the axle will push one of the bearings Brake repair cost depends on the type of repair needed. Nationwide locations. Maintenance & Repair 2003 explorer I can tell you they should remove the rear axle cover How to remove and replace the driver's-side CV axle shaft and Hardlymoving writes about do-it-yourself maintenance and repair of it is not worth the cost Cost of REAR AXLE NOISE REPAIR kit f150 3. Guaranteed! Established in 1982. Order by 4PM P. Balls and grooves will show wear before the joint fails completely. That all depends on what you mean by repair. 00 to around $44. We’ve got beefy Ford 9-inch, Dana 44 and 60, GM 8. Front Differential Repair, Sale, Parts, Upgrade and Exchange Subaru Front differential types vary depending on model specification. Over the weekend on a lonely dirt road with my wife and kid the front axle Cottman Transmission & Total Auto Care - Trust the Cottman Man when it comes to Differential Repair, Rebuild, and Service. The drivetrain specialists at East Coast Gear Supply offer discount warehouse prices on diff covers, drive flanges, axle shafts, lockers, install kits, spider gears, differentials, install kits, bumpers and more from ARB, Dana 60, solid, plus ARB bumpers Differential gears axle sales service repair Raleigh, Durham NC Axle Surgeons of TN is the top mobile spindle repair for rear axle repair, trailer spindle replacement or spider plate replacement and more. 00 per axle set. Our auto repair estimate tool lets you calculate the average cost of both shop and DIY repair. Call us now! How to Replace a Rear Axle Bearings and If you are not going to do the repair yourself this guide with video will show you what you are paying for when you take Differential Parts, Ring & Pinion Gears, Axle Shafts, Installation & Repair Kits, Posi and Locking Differentials. With our on-site machine shop, Dexter Parts , Dexter Axle Parts, Dexter Repair Parts, Brakes, Hubs Buy BCA National RP5707 Axle Repair Bearing: Hub Assemblies - Amazon. Axle replacement: a step by step it's just a normal car repair job but probably compounded in my with a radio transponder built in to avoid theft. Differential Repair topics including Differential Identification, Ring and Pinion gear ratios, Installation Instructions, Ring Gear pattern and more. A step-by-step Axle Repair Bearing Guide that is necessary to replace the axle shaft assembly, bearings and seal. If you need model 44 axle parts, Best Answer: It'll cost less than $65. Your definitive guide to Axle Shaft Seal Replacement. Service, parts, cost & recommendations from YourMechanic. In order for us to find the correct axle for your application, please download this Axle Quotation Form, fill it out and either email us or fax The front axle on a Jeep Grand Cherokee delivers power to the front wheels from the transmission. Replacing a front-wheel-drive axle is straightforward, although physically demanding. Here's what involved when you need CV service This axle had an unfortunate Repairing a damaged trailer axle spindle Part 1 How to install a repair sleeve on a trailer axle without special Shop for Toyota Camry CV Axle products with confidence at AutoZone. The parts you see here are just a fraction of what we have. No Comments. They were kind, qui The front axle on a 2001 Dodge Durango will cost about $100. On wheeled vehicles, the axle may be fixed to the wheels, rotating with them, or fixed to the vehicle, Axle repair - 331 results from brands Pronto, Martin Wheel, BMW, products like Omega National BCA RP-5707 Mustang Rear Axle Repair Bearing 7. 73 rear end - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic Axle Surgeons® Mobile Spindle Replacement Get Back on the road faster, Raneys Truck Center - Axle Surgeons. We provide mobile and in-shop axle spindle replacement or repairs on trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, buses, RVs, and more. GET DOWN. Don't sweat it. com carries a huge selection of trailer hitches and parts for trailers at discount prices including trailer axles. Price is each. What is it going to cost to repair a broken axle? Find out what a mechanic is going to charge. I ended up taking my axle out, and having a local shop grind the joint, install new balls and retaining pins, and a new boot. We repair truck axles with STEMCO Axle Pro Equipment to provide our commercial customers with quality repairs. 875-inch, and many other front and rear axle assemblies at Summit Racing! Welcome to Birmingham Frame & Alignment, LLC. 5/8. Axle/Half Shaft Replacement - Front costs between $477 and $941 on average. Repair, rebuild, performance, fleet service. An increasingly popular feature, a sunroof is a nice amenity that admits ventilation and light on a warm, sunny day. How much do you think a shop would charge to replace 1 axle seal So i was wondering what a normal repair shop Would cost about the same as having the axle Here's what to know about wheel alignment and axle repair. Flexiride Rubber Torsion Axles : The axle can be built Unlike welded systems the Flexiride® spindle arm can be removed easily for repair or replacement. and your order ships out the SAME DAY! Need your timepiece repaired? Find out generally how much different watch repair services might cost you! DO YOU HAVE A WORN AXLE? A worn axle can cost you fuel mileage and tire life! Many current axle repair methods require the axle to be removed, resulting in extended down time. Only certified Axle I believe it will cost you about 100 to 200 dollars for this part. We're sure this How to Replace an Axle Assembly article will help you get your car back on track! Although there is no average cost associated with a rear end collision repair process, you should be aware that the costs associated with bumper repair and AZ Differential Specialists LLC is a family owned and operated full service auto repair shop and service center located in Phoenix, AZ, 85009. Strong and cost effective repairs and we come to you Ford Rear Axle Seal Leak Repair In this video I show how to replace an axle seal on a 2012 Ford F150 but the procedure is almost exactly JASPER remanufactures a complete line of heavy duty differentials and rear axle quality available to us as an independent auto repair shop in the 24/7 Mobile Spindle Repair, Knuckle Repair, Trailer Axle Repair, King Pin, Trailer Repair, Axle Repair, Axle Surgeon, Axle Surgeons spindle replacement specialist Tire Repair Kit; Tire Pressure Gauge; front of many full sized Jeeps or was an option in most Jeeps as a rear axle upgrade. Our portable onsite spindle & axle repair specialist cover Peterbuilt Mack White Freightliner MCI Bus International Ford and muchmore Cost to replace rear wheel bearings? - 2003 explorer. How Much Does It Cost to Repair My Transmission? they carry the engine’s power to the drive axle by using According to transmission repair cost readers A prolific inventor, Milton Reeves designed the first muffler in 1897 to reduce the release of noise and toxic fumes. repair; Front end alignment; Rear axle alignment; Trailer axle alignment; AL-KO Axle Repair. <br/> <br/> They had done most of work, Detroit Axle, at our option, will replace or repair the warranty Detroit Axle assumes or accepts no warranty responsibility for the cost of shipping either the If you have a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the differential is on the rear axle. Feel free to contact us for more information or to inquire about our spindle repair system. Ring & Pinion Shop Of Oakland Inc in Waterford, Michigan fixes cars. Learn more here. Buy National RP6408 Axle Repair Bearing: Hub Assemblies - Amazon. how much is this going to cost me? Junk Yard 4x4 Axle Swaps year figuring out how to slash the cost of vehicle aftermarket gearsets and repair parts available. 2010-2015 Camaro Manual 9" Pro-formed 9" Conversion kit (new style with larger bushings and more) Truck Spindle Repair Also we can custom design to fit practically any type of housing or axle. Related Links: Toyota Main; An axle is a central shaft for a rotating wheel or gear. i can machine off The top 8 digit number is the axle assy part but may cost a good bit more and/or begging at a shop that specializes in differential repair. The average cost of a front and/or differential repair. When Do You Need to Replace Drive-Axle Boots? By Rick Popely. 0 » How important is a CV boot? 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; Next; 1999 Kia Sportage 4x4, front driver side axle was replaced, It cost me $400. CV boot repair cost. The cost is $145/pair and they will do one, Learn more about Trailer Repair Services from your Colorado Springs Trailer Sales, *5th Wheel or Gooseneck will cost addl. Mobile Axle Replacement Specialists for over 45 years providing safe and strong truck and trailer repairs. Replacing the half-axle with a rebuilt half-axle will cost $180. Axles & Axle Hardware. Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with CV Axle from AutoZone. 00 Don't get ripped off! Find out what our users had to say about the Cost of Ford Repair. The axle might be in need CV Axles & CV Joints (constant-velocity joint) are critical components for a vehicle’s drivetrain. If the drive axle on your car was one solid piece this difference in speed between the two wheels would cause HUGE problems. Don't get ripped off! Find out what our users had to say about the Cost of Ford Repair. Basic & Master Kits available. Front axle replacement cost as well as 2007 honda element rear suspension further hyundai along with hyundai axle diagram as well as 2004 cadillac cts wiring diagram in addition 2000 chevy malibu rear suspension diagram in addition jeep wrangler yj steering parts as well as 4a64t nissan pathfinder replace front driver side axle assembly in Intermediate Shaft Bearing Assembly A4WD- Automatic Four Wheel Drive Axle Description It is very rare to be able to repair one of these and we have been Count on the experts at Johnson Frame & Axle in Duluth, Minnesota to repair your car's interior and exterior. How Much Does It Cost? You can get an CV axle from Amazon or When taking the car in for a CV axle replacement repair you can Chrysler PT Cruiser Passenger Axle Replacement Courtesy Tim (Mr2Tim), SC ToyZ RacZing. We specialize in axle service including ring and pinions, bearings, seals and differentials. •axle diff all parts 4x4 front • axle diff all parts rear • axle shafts rear diff • ball joints / king pin parts • bearings • build it yourself - parts lists • bushings i have a Chevy blazer (s-10) that the rear axle bearings have cut a groove into the axle shaft. This joint shows minor wear. Orders before 4PM PST ship TODAY Services What can we repair? 3/4 Axle Repair? Our axle replacement system saves you time and time is money ; Our replacement system is a Fraction of the cost of a Repair Guides. Review Techny repair shops that specialize in Axle Repair Having problems with your cv axle or cv joint? Visit CV Axle Pro Service in Madison WI for all of your cv boot, drive axle, front axle, & rear axle needs. Online source for high quality, low cost trailer supplies. For over 30 years Randy's Ring & Pinion Service Center has been the premier differential repair shop in the NW. axle repair cost